Walking holidays and trekking holidays in Spain

     Walking Holidays in Mediterranean Spain - Explore the Costa Blanca Mountains.

 Whitewashed villages dot fertile valleys framed by majestic peaks steeped in deep blue, scented with almond and orange - discover real Spain.
Walking holidays in Spain, self-guided walking holiday.
Discover the outstanding countryside around this
small mountain village, self catering or half board. 
Self-guided, village centered.
Walking in Spain. Six Peaks, guided walking holiday.
Get to the top of six peaks over 1000 metres in six days 
and everyday you'll be rewarded with panoramic views 
over mountains, valleys and the Mediterranean Sea. Guided.
Trekking in Spain, Moorish Villages Trek, self-guided trekking holiday.
Six days exploring white-washed Moorish villages in the 
Guadalest and Pop valleys, you enjoy the walking and we take 
care of everything else. Self-guided.
Trekking in Spain. Marina Alta Trek, self-guided trekking holiday
Trek from the mountains to the Mediterranean Sea
and explore the valleys of the Marina Alta. Stunning 
scenery superb accommodation.. Self-guided.
Walking Holidays in Spain. Valley Walks, guided walking holiday
Discounted walking and trekking departures.
If you prefer easier going without great ascents then 
this holiday is designed with you in mind, six easy walks 
through beautiful valleys. Guided.

Take advantage of our discounted walking holidays 
and save 20% on selected departures. 

 Walking in Spain. Classic Costa Blanca, guided walking holidayTrekking holidays - Es Cami des Mallorquins, over 500 km of trails to explore.
Enjoy six of the most famous walks on the Costa Blanca 
including the Sierra Bernia, The Valle del Infierno, 
Puig Campana circuit, Sierra Aixorta and Aitana. Guided.
Coming soon. Over 500 kilometers of footpaths and trails 
linking together all of the Las Marinas villages.

Spain offers some of the best countryside for walking holidays and trekking holidays in Europe and the Costa Blanca Mountains, which includes the Marina Alta and the Marina Baja, in Alicante Province has to be at the top of any walker's must visit list.

Here you can enjoy a climate with plenty of sunshine and moderate temperatures that offers ideal conditions for autumn, winter and spring walking. Then include the diversity of landscapes garnished with a huge variety of plants and animals and spiced with a history, language, culture and gastronomy make this part of Spain a unique and a not-to-be-missed destination for all those seeking enchanting countryside, peace and quiet, and nature at its best.

We know from experience our clients prefer to stay in genuine Spanish accommodation and enjoy authentic Mediterranean cuisine so where possible all of our hotels and guest houses are Spanish owned and run. All meals are prepared by local chefs so you are assured of  a real taste of Spain and an insight into the Mediterranean way of life. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if there is anything you would like to know or we can you help with.

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